Solar energy is becoming more of an essential with ever increasing electricity bills. Through a solar battery, you can store some of the free energy you generate during the day from your solar panels. This is a perfect way to fully maximise the use of your solar investment. That’s why choosing the right storage has never been more important – and this decision is not as straightforward with the multiple brands, sizes, and models to choose from. Thankfully you’re in luck, because at Solar Battery Group we have handpicked the best battery brands to help make that process easier.


The AlphaESS Smile-Bat-10.1P solar battery at a glance

Do you want to erase all memory of a bad electricity bill? Well, that can be made a reality thanks to AlphaESS, one of the leading energy storage and service providers in the global market. At Intersolar 2015, the world’s most influential solar exhibition held in Munich this June, Alpha ESS entered the top 10 finalists of the EES Award.

Alpha ESS SMILE5 10.1Today, AlphaESS have produced a premium storage battery for you… The Smile-Bat-10.1P, an exceptional solar battery expandable from 10.1 to a massive 60.6kWh of storage. This Alpha battery is VPP ready, with 24/7 phone monitoring. Alpha ESS also adds 5 years product warranty and 10 years of performance warranty, which gives you as a customer some reassurance that you are supported.



This Smile model has been designed for a long service life with one of the safest battery chemistries available in the market – LFP or Lithium Iron Phosphate. Rated IP65, the Smile-Bat-10.1P is tough against all weather conditions weather and its simple design makes for a quick and easy ‘plug & play’ installation.


Ready for blackout protection

As an option on top of a standard installation price, the Alpha Smile-Bat-10.1P has blackout protection capabilities. To install this feature, modifications to your switchboard will need to occur. Should you choose to add backup power, your battery will have the ability to detect outages automatically, becoming the energy source for your home while the grid is down. Once paired with the solar on your roof, the backed up circuits can run through a 4kW continuous UPS for critical loads.


Alpha Cloud monitoring

Alpha ESS have developed an app which enables owners of the Smile-Bat-10.1P to see their battery’s status in real time with 24/7 monitoring. Alpha Cloud will let you check the performance of your system in 3 areas:



  • Power Summary

Here you can monitor you PV system and see in real time the amount of energy produced by the solar panels. The real time load consumption of your system and where the load is drawing from is displayed in a user-friendly pie chart.


  • System Status

Here you can view the load consumption, PV generation, feed-in and grid charge for the day. You can also view historical data pulling up information since the system was installed. This can be displayed in several easy-to-read graphs and charts.


  • System information

Here you can go under the hood of your Alpha system in the palm of your hand, you view the configuration of your system, the array size of your PV system, the inverter size and battery capacity.


It is important to talk to our Solar Battery Superheroes who can assist you in determining if the AlphaESS Smile-Bat-10.1P is the battery for you, to meet your home and your energy needs.

Join millions who are already making the change to renewable energy in the want for a cleaner future.



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As solar storage technology continues to evolve, it becomes more and more accessible for the Australian public. Adding a right-sized solar battery to your home can help lower your energy consumption from the grid and your bills, increase energy self-reliance and maximise the return of solar investments, amongst many other benefits. Government rebate programs and subsidies make this step a little easier to take.

However, choosing the right solar battery can be complex. There are hundreds of different brands, sizes, and models to choose from.  That’s why we’ve put some of the most highly recommended battery brands under the spotlight, to assist you in making that decision.


The Alpha Smile B3 Plus Solar battery at a glance

AlphaESS is one of the world’s leading energy storage solution providers. Battery systems, like the Alpha Smile B3 Plus, with modular design, easy installation and low maintenance are making the transition to renewables for Australians easier and cost-effective.

The Alpha Smile B3 Plus has an output of 3 kW with a nominal capacity starting from 5.04 kWh, fully expansible to 30.24 kWh – making it ideal for households that may require to increase their battery storage in the future without having to incur into high installation costs or tricky system designs.

Compatible with both new installations and retrofits, AC or DC-coupled, the Alpha Smile B3 proves itself versatile for many situations and different configurations.


The Alpha Smile B3 Plus has LFP technology, one of the safest Lithium battery types in the Australian market. It offers IP65 protection, making it safe for outdoor installation, and has an operating temperature range from -10 °C to 50 °C, tough enough for our harsh climate.



Alpha Cloud monitoring


Thanks to the advances in storage technology, most modern batteries allow the user for remote control and monitoring. Thanks to Alpha Cloud, the days of having to physically inspect or press buttons in the battery are long gone.

At the palm of your hand or computer, the Alpha Smile B3 Plus allows real-time, 24/7 monitoring to keep track of its performance and your savings. It also allows remote control of the system to maximise your savings wherever you may be, as long as you can connect to the Internet.


Solar storage is not a one-size-fits-all solution

Regardless of the battery brand you are interested in, it is very important for you to talk to a solar professional. Choosing the right size and technical specifications according to your energy needs will maximise your savings and reduce the time to see returns from your investment.

Contact us and take charge of your solar setup. Let one of our solar battery superheroes help you determine if the Alpha Smile B3 Plus Solar battery is the right choice for your home and your energy needs.

Solar Battery Group has a range of batteries suited to meet even the most diverse requirements.



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