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Save with Australia's largest solar battery installer.

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Save with Australia’s largest solar battery installer.

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  • With over 26,000 Installs, we are Australia’s largest provider of solar batteries
  • We supply the best brands with Dual Safety Technology
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Solar Battery Group

How does a solar battery benefit you?

  • Energy independence:  Don’t get caught in the dark! With a solar battery, you can enjoy a reliable power source even during grid outages. This means you’ll have greater control over your energy supply and won’t have to rely solely on the grid.
  • Reduced energy costs: With a solar battery, you can stick it to high grid energy prices! Utilising the stored solar energy during peak usage times will save money on your energy bills in the long run. So say goodbye to outrageous energy bills and hello to a more cost-effective solution.
  • Environmental benefits: By storing excess solar energy, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment.
  • Increased property value: Adding a solar battery system to your property is a wise investment that can pay off in more ways than one. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of reliable and cost-effective energy, but it can also increase the resale value of your property. A solar battery system is a valuable addition to your property and can increase its resale value.
  • Power during blackouts: Don’t let a power outage disrupt your life! With a solar battery system, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have backup power for your essential appliances and devices. Your battery will kick in when the lights go out, ensuring you’re never without power.

Without a solar battery

Without a solar battery

With a solar battery

With a solar battery

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Solar Battery Group

What is a solar battery?

A solar battery allows you to keep the electricity you generate and use it only when you need it.

While solar panels are a fantastic investment for your home or business, they only generate electricity during daylight hours. Therefore, a solar battery is an invaluable addition to your home’s power system.

Currently, your solar system generates electricity, and you either use it immediately or feed it into the grid and receive a credit from your electricity provider. At night, you then purchase energy from your provider to suit your needs. Unfortunately, electricity prices are rising, and solar-generated energy credits are decreasing. So, even though you have a solar power system, you can still receive a hefty electricity bill.

Adding a solar battery means you can store the excess energy your solar panels capture during the day, ensuring you have a reliable power source regardless of the time of the day.

When the sun goes down or your energy needs exceed what your solar panels produce, the battery starts supplying your home with the stored energy. This means you can continue using solar power even when the sun isn’t shining and even when you have a power outage.

Solar Battery Group has a solution to suit your individual household needs, offering an extensive range of solar battery sizes and leading brands. With the analysis of a few key figures on your energy bill and our specialist knowledge, we can help you take charge of your energy bills today!

Save with Australia’s largest solar battery installer.

Industry-leading brands

We only stock the highest quality of products from brands you can rely on.
No short-cuts, no second-best, only the leaders in solar battery storage are installed and recommended by Solar Battery Group.

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