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Under the spotlight: Energizer Homepower Solar Battery

Solar energy storage is becoming more and more important in our world of ever-increasing energy costs. A solar battery which lets you store some of the free energy you generate during the day so you can use at other times, is the perfect way…
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How solar batteries work

Adding a solar battery to your rooftop PV system will enable you to store excess energy generated during the day, so you can use it at night and other times of low generation, helping you import less from the grid (lowering your bills too!). How…
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Solar battery jargon buster

Solar batteries are increasingly popular in Australia, allowing thousands of households to capture any unused solar generated during the day for later use. Economic, environmental and efficiency benefits have been a real attraction for early…
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The ins & outs of Solar batteries + blackout protection

Blackouts. Many areas in Australia have small, localised power outages each year, caused by different factors not always in our control. Natural events such as storms, floods, lightning, heatwaves, bushfires, or even fallen trees in the right…
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Power punch your electricity bills with these tips!

In 2021, many of us are spending more time at home, which can make harder to combat the rising cost of living. However, there are a few steps you can put into action to save energy around the house. Read on below for our top tips to help you…
Hive Solar BatteriesHive Solar Batteries

Under the spotlight: HIVE Solar Battery

Solar battery storage solutions are gaining attention with the Australian public. A right-sized battery can help you lower electricity bills, increase energy self-reliance and maximise the return of solar investments, amongst many other benefits. Choosing…
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Does a solar battery make sense for you?

Battery technology in 2021 is allowing tens of thousands of Australians to get more out of their solar investments. But does it make sense for you? Here are a few questions aimed at helping you decide whether a solar battery is the next move…
Eveready® Energy VaultEveready® Energy Vault

Under the spotlight: Eveready® Energy Vault solar battery

Australians are no strangers to solar. In fact, we have the highest solar uptake per capita in the world. Battery storage solutions complement and maximise solar investments, as a right-sized battery can help you lower electricity bills, increase…