Under the spotlight: Alpha Smile G3 Solar Battery


An increasing number of homeowners are turning to solar batteries to store energy they produce with their solar panels to make the most of their investment. Solar batteries reduce electricity bills by storing the excess energy you generate so you can use it later, especially at night when peak rates tend to apply and protect against decreasing grid reliability.  

Since battery models vary and so do our customer’s needs, factors such as: 

  • How much electricity you want to store; and  
  • How much electricity you need to access should be considered before deciding which type of battery is right for your home. 

Alpha Smile-G3

Introducing: Alpha ESS Smile-G3 Solar Battery 

The new Alpha ESS Smile-G3 solar battery brings enhanced technology and capacity to the already existing and dynamic Alpha range. Primarily designed for solar photovoltaic (PV) panel self-consumption, back-up power, load shifting and off-grid solutions for household application.   

Providing even better performance and precision for virtual power plant (VPP) installations, the Alpha ESS Smile-G3 solar battery has a modular design, is easy to install and expandable from 10.1 kWh to 60.5 kWh to meet different requirements. Alpha ESS also provides a 5-year product warranty and 10-year performance warranty, giving you as the customer the confidence that your investment is supported. 

The Alpha ESS Smile-G3 has a great modern and minimalist look, and, it is a tough battery that can withstand all weather conditions with a quick and easy, ‘plug & play’ installation. 


Blackout Protection Included 

No more worries when a blackout happens. The Alpha ESS Smile-G3 has the ability to power critical appliances in your home. Blackouts can occur when the electricity grid is overwhelmed by consumer demand. When you talk to one of our battery specialists, make sure you request to include backup protection, so your Certified Installer connects those appliances that you require to be functional during a blackout. 





Alpha Cloud Monitoring 

With the new Alpha ESS Smile-G3, you can maximise your profits and be smart with your energy consumption by keeping track of your usage through the Alpha ESS app. The Alpha ESS app enables homeowners to view their battery status in real time with 24/7 monitoring. The Alpha Cloud will let you check the performance of your system including your panels’ production, feed-in and grid charge during the day, energy generation, as well as inverter and battery capacity. Alpha ESS use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms with intelligent strategy algorithms to put the data at your fingertips any time of the day.   

Could this be the battery for you? To determine if the latest battery from Alpha, the Alpha ESS Smile-G3 is right for you, we recommend contacting our Solar Battery Group experts. 

Join millions who are already making the change to renewable energy and moving towards a cleaner future. 


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