Under the spotlight: Eveready® Energy Vault solar battery


Australians are no strangers to solar. In fact, we have the highest solar uptake per capita in the world. Battery storage solutions complement and maximise solar investments, as a right-sized battery can help you lower electricity bills, increase energy self-reliance and maximise the return of solar investments, amongst many other benefits.

That’s why choosing the right solar storage is extremely important. There are literally hundreds of brands, sizes, and models to choose from, so this can be an intimidating decision to take. Well, despair no more! We’ve put some of the most highly recommended battery brands under the spotlight, to assist you in making a well-informed decision.


The Eveready® Energy Vault Solar battery at a glance

Eveready® Energy Vault

Eveready is a brand associated with quality batteries since the early 1900’s. That same trust, reliability and affordability makes its way into the solar market with this revolutionary product – the Energy Vault Solar Battery. Implementing one of the safest battery technologies available (Lithium iron phosphate or LiFePO4), state-of-the-art components and sleek design, the Eveready solar battery can help you keep your home powered day and night.

Easy to install and requiring low maintenance, this battery comes with excellent features like 24/7 monitoring, optional blackout protection and is ready for you to join a Virtual Power Plant. The Eveready Energy Vault is AC-coupled, making it simpler and cheaper to set up into new or existing solar installations, and slightly more efficient at powering high AC loads during the day.

The Eveready® Energy Vault is a modular battery solution, which lets you add capacity as your energy needs change – from 5.1 kWh to a massive 20.4 kWh!

Eveready® Energy Vault


Don’t be left in the dark again

Losing power is frustrating, and we all know too well how detrimental blackouts can be to home and work life. One solution to this problem is equipping your home with a solar battery enabled with UPS (colloquially known as blackout protection).

The Eveready® Energy Vault solar battery can be set up to allow you to run your home’s essential appliances and keep the lights on should the power unexpectedly disconnects. Power on with your everyday activities with the Energy Vault’s optional blackout protection*.

* Not included as part of a standard installation. Additional costs may apply.


Web portal and mobile app monitoring

Eveready® Energy Vault App

The Eveready® Energy Vault has been developed with a web-portal and a mobile app to help you monitor everything about your home solar storage system. Whether you’re a tech guru needing to adjust and monitor every aspect of your solar system, or just a curious user needing to know when and where your power usage is being used. The Eveready® Energy Vault Monitoring System can give you peace-of-mind knowing your system is running the way you want it to. Every Day. Every Night.

Features include:

  • 24-hour monitoring system via desktop, smartphone, or tablet device
  • Remote setting/control subject to electricity tariff to maximise profit
  • Prompt response to any problems with remote diagnostics
  • Australian-based technical support
  • Easy to update online or via USB


Solar storage is not a one-size-fits-all solution

The solar industry is still very new to many, and a lot of questions can arise from the information available in the web. It’s important to talk to a solar professional when choosing a solar battery. Contact us and let one of our solar battery superheroes help you determine if the Eveready® Energy Vault Solar battery is the right choice for your home and your energy needs.

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