Under the spotlight: Tesla Powerwall 2 Solar Battery


Solar energy is becoming more of a necessity with energy prices from the grid continuing to rise. A solar battery will allow you to store free energy you generate during the day from your solar panels, so that you can use it when the sun isn’t out. This is a perfect way of not only lowering your electricity bills, but also maximising the return you get from your solar investments. That’s why choosing the right storage is tremendously important. There are multiple brands, sizes, and models to choose from, but luckily for you we have handpicked the best battery brands in an effort to help make that decision easier.


The Tesla Powerwall 2 solar battery at a glance

Wouldn’t you love to look at your next electricity bill with excitement? Well, that can be made a reality thanks to Tesla’s solar energy storage battery, the Powerwall 2. This solar battery has 13.5kWh of battery storage, with 7kW of peak and 5kW continuous power. The Powerwall 2 offers 10 years of Warranty which can give you some comfort and keep your mind at ease.

Tesla Powerwall 2

The Powerwall 2 design can be described as modern and compact. The compact all in one construction allows for easy installation indoors or outdoors, either on the wall or floor. If you are worried about the outdoor conditions damaging the Powerwall, then worry no more, the Powerwall 2 is rated IP65 and should be tough for all weather conditions.



Tesla app

With the free Tesla App, you can monitor your home’s energy production and consumption in real time, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Set your preferences to optimise for energy independence, outage protection or savings – you can control your system from anywhere. You can also set instant alerts and remote access, the Tesla App gives you all the information of what is happening with your rooftop solar and battery storage system in an easy-to-understand format.

SBG Tesla App

Features include:

  • 24/7 Monitoring system
  • Remote settings
  • Storm watch
  • Ability to customise
  • Backup reserve for grid outages


Blackout protection feature

For an optional additional price, the Tesla Powerwall 2 includes a feature called backup protection. In order to install this feature modifications to your switchboard will need to occur. If you choose to add backup Power your Tesla Battery will be able to detect outages automatically, becoming your home’s energy source. Just pair with the solar on the roof and your appliances will be working from daytime to nighttime. The Blackout protection can run 5kWh’s of power at a time.


It is important to talk to one of our solar battery superheroes who can assist you in determining if the tesla Powerwall 2 is the battery for you, to meet your home and your energy needs.

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