Under the spotlight: Energizer Homepower Solar Battery


Solar energy storage is becoming more and more important in our world of ever-increasing energy costs. A solar battery which lets you store some of the free energy you generate during the day so you can use at other times, is the perfect way of not only lowering your electricity bills, but also maximising the return you get from your solar investments.

Therefore, picking the most appropriate solar storage solution becomes paramount. The Australian market has literally hundreds of brands, sizes, and models to choose from, so this decision can seem a bit daunting at first. That’s why we’ve put some of the most highly recommended battery brands under the spotlight, in an effort to help you make that decision easier.


The Energizer® Homepower Solar battery at a glance

The Energizer brand has been making durable, long-lasting batteries since 1896.

Energizer Homepower features a solar battery with a sleek, modular design that houses a 6.1 kWh capacity module. At the front, discreetly concealed behind a patented weatherproof flap, there is easy access to the system controls and installer access panel.

This intelligent storage system is suitable for new or existing solar PV systems, indoor and outdoor installations, and all-weather conditions. Also inclusive of a 10-year warranty and fully Virtual Power Plant (VPP) ready, this product is set to be a great fit for lots of homes.

There is also a mobile app specifically developed for technicians to use during the installation and commissioning process. Through a robust Bluetooth connection, the app guides the technician through a step-by-step sequence that automatically validates the correct installation as they go. Combining this with a no-fuss, plug-and-play type connection zone, the average installation time is significantly reduced.




One of the main advantages of this model is the flexibility of connecting up to 3 additional subunits, which would increase the battery’s storage capacity up to a whopping 24.4kWh.

The Energizer Homepower solar battery has a unique design that allows you to add these subunits to the left or right of the main unit – whereas other modular batteries stack in front or underneath.


Backup protection ready

In the event of a blackout, Energizer Homepower has the ability to power critical appliances in your home. Blackouts can occur when the electricity grid is overwhelmed by consumer demand. When you talk to one of our battery superheroes, make sure you request to include Backup protection, so your Certified Installer connects those appliances that you require to be functional during a blackout.

Energy intelligence

The Energizer® Homepower’s cutting-edge battery software maximises efficiency while allowing homeowners to manage their system and energy usage remotely via an easy-to-use app. Features include:

  • 24/7 energy monitoring and control
  • Tracking of energy generation, consumption and export
  • Available on iOS, Android and the Web
  • Receive notification regarding your energy use
  • Virtual Power Plant enabled to allow energy trading
  • Charge off grid when prices are low, discharge when prices are high to maximise savings


Solar storage is not a one-size-fits-all solution

It’s important to talk to a solar professional when choosing a solar battery. Contact us and let one of our solar battery superheroes help you determine if the Energizer Homepower solar battery is the right choice for your home and your energy needs.

Solar Battery Group has a range of batteries suited to meet even the most diverse requirements.



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